Youth Day at Shady Grove

Written by Administrator on March 10th, 2014

The Shady Grove Baptist Church Youth Ministry recently took on new duties serving as Sunday School teachers, conducting the pulpit services, and fulfilling other Sunday responsibilities during a recent Youth Day Service.

Pictured left to right:

Row 1: Josiah Greene, prayer; Tyan Buckson, Offering assistance ; Josiah Greene, Introduction of Pastor Byers;  Jordan Lipscomb, presided for the morning worship service; Shaderejah Lattimore, Intermediate/Teen teacher; Skyla Phillips, read the announcements; and Romarion Makupson, assisted with the Offering.

Row 2: Marcus Walters, Adult teacher; Jaila Phillips, Sunday School secretary; Kiel Ellis, Offering assistance; Akira Fleming, Scripture;  Shakiyah Lattimore, Beginner Class teacher; Christopher Hawk, Superintendent; and Keilah Hawk, Young Adult teacher.

Schlonda Hawk’s Intermediate/Teen class took charge of the pulpit service.  She also acknowledged the students’ participation.

Dr. Mary Jones, Syreeta Greene, and Rev. Albert Gray were the Youth Day Committee leaders.

Rev. Lee Byers Jr. is pastor.



In memoriam

Written by Administrator on March 9th, 2014

Sis. Josephine Wood, left, and her daughter, Bobbie Wood

The Shady Grove Baptist Church Family would like to extend condolences to the family of Sis. Josephine Wood, who passed Sunday morning.

A dramatic presentation

Sis. Wood (known to many as “Mama Jo” or “Miss Josephine”) was a true lion of the spirit and a beloved teacher for many at Shady Grove, around the Thickety Mountain Baptist Association and the state of South Carolina.

A tribute

She is already missed and will be for some time to come.


Photos: Moments in Black History

Written by Administrator on February 17th, 2014

Mary Jones and Larry Byers have displayed artifacts that give insight to items used years ago.  Church members are reciting poems, portraying black historians, presenting skits, PowerPoint and other multimedia to make Black History a learning experience for all in attendance.  Everyone is cordially invited to come and learn.


  • Larry Byers and Darrett Lattimore are shown illustrating a horse-drawn farm planter called a distributer that was used to plant cotton seeds, and distribute fertilizer. He also showed a rabbit trap used to trap rabbits for food.
  • Jermaine Greene read a poem by famous poet, Langston Hughes; and sons Jeremiah  Greene portrayed Willie Mayes, and Josiah is portraying Ron McNair, who was killed in the space shuttle Challenger disaster.



Freeman to speak at Woman’s Day Program

Written by Administrator on February 17th, 2014

The Shady Grove Baptist Church Women’s Ministry will observe their annual Woman’s Day Program on Sunday, Feb. 23, during the 11:00 a.m. worship service.

The guest speaker will be Minister Lula J. Freeman.  She is an associate of Encounter Church of Gaffney, under the leadership of Joey Turner.

The program theme is, “Let’s Stand Firm on the Word of God”.

First Lady Esther Byers is the program chairperson.  The Rev. Lee Byers Jr. is pastor.


February will feature ‘Moments in Black History’

Written by Administrator on February 10th, 2014

Shady Grove Baptist Church will celebrate “Black History Month” with special ‘Moments in History’ each Sunday in February during the 11:00 morning worship service.

The Sunday School ministry will coordinate the presentations and a different Sunday School Class including the Adult, Teen-Scene, Intermediate, Primary, and Beginners will present each Sunday.   The presentations will feature skits, music, dance, PowerPoint and other multimedia to make Black History a learning experience for all in attendance.  Everyone is cordially invited to come and learn.

The program theme is “Moments in Black History” – “Yes We Can”!

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,” Philippians 4:13.

Jermaine Greene is Sunday School superintendent.

The Rev. Lee Byers Jr. is pastor.



Annual Christmas Program Dec. 22nd

Written by Administrator on December 11th, 2013

The Shady Grove Baptist Church Sunday School will have its annual Christmas program Sunday December 22nd at 10:00 a.m.

The program theme is “The Greatest Gift.”  Sunday School classes will present skits, liturgical dances, and church members will perform solos, poems, and other talents as their special “gifts” to Jesus.

The Gospel Choir will sing and everyone is cordially invited to come and celebrate the birth of the Savior.

Jermaine Greene is Sunday School superintendent

The Rev. Lee Byers is pastor.


‘Men of Shady Grove’ service Dec. 8

Written by Administrator on December 2nd, 2013

The Shady Grove Deacons and Men are pictured preparing for their annual program on Sunday December 8th at 4:00 p.m.  The program theme is “100 MEN ON THE BATTLEFIELD – FIGHTING FOR THE LORD.”

Pictured left to right are:

Row 1: Rev. Lee Byers Jr., Pastor, Rev.  Ricky Young (Lewis Chapel Church), Deacon Dean Dover, Associate Minister Rev. Albert Gray, Deacon Al Phillips, Deacon Jermaine Greene, Deacon Eugene Manning, and Associate Minister and Pastor Emeritus, Rev. London  C. Knuckles.

Row 2: Deacon James Byers, Quinton Littlejohn, Deacon Lucious Jones, Deacon James Pearson, and Rev. Antwan Murray.

Row 3: Trustee Kenny Norris, Charles Tate, Romain Fernanders, and Deacon Clarence Dover.

Row 4: Trustee Eddie Hollis, Deacon Darrett Lattimore, Deacon James Shippy, Trustee Frederick Dover, Johnny Greene (Lewis Chapel Church), Trustee Jay Thompson, and Trustee Julitan Foster.


Speaking on the program will be

Deacon Harold Dean Littlejohn from Bethel Baptist Church

Dea. Cossie B. Knuckles from Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Dea. Calvin Leach from Mikes Creek Baptist Church, and

Dea. Lewis Blanton from Concord Baptist Church.

A number of All Male Choirs will be singing on the program including the Concord All Male Choir, Mt. Sinai All Male Choir, Mike’s Creek All Male Choir, and others.

Leading the praise and worship period will be the Limestone and Mt. Tabor All Male Choirs.

Everyone is cordially invited to join with the ‘Men of Shady Grove’ during this service.

Men are asked to wear black or dark suits if possible.

Program Chair is Deacon Al Phillips. The Rev. Lee Byers Jr. is Pastor


Gospel Choir to mark 43rd anniversary

Written by Administrator on November 11th, 2013

The Shady Grove Baptist Church Gospel Choir will celebrate its 43-year singing ministry with an anniversary service on Sunday November 17, 2013, during the 11:00 morning worship service.

Pictured left to right are:

Seated: Evelyn Shippy, Edna Dover and Dianne Norris

Standing: Esther Byers, Mary Jones, Dorothy Manning, Kenny Norris, Marva Dover, Minnie Leach and Sharon Leach.



World Day of Prayer observance

Written by Administrator on November 10th, 2013

Thickety Mountain Missionaries met recently for their annual ‘World Day of Prayer ‘event

to pray for many causes around the world as well as for  lost people everywhere.  This year’s theme was “be In Step with the Spirit through the Fruit of the Spirit, LOVE . . . . based on Galatians 5:25: “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”  The theme was selected by the Baptist World Alliance.

Persons participating during the service included:

Pictured left to right:

Row 1: Rosa Gardner read a beautiful scripture, Island Creek Baptist Church; Dr. Bertha Harris, Woman’s Convention President, Rubye Sanders, Junior Missionary Supervisor,  ‘Prayed for World Needs’, Bethel Baptist Church; Dianne Norris spoke on ‘In Step and in Love’, Shady Grove Baptist Church; Betty Edwards spoke on ‘God’s Love’, Limestone Baptist Church; Sallie Coleman spoke on ‘What Prayer Is’, Ebenezer Baptist Church; and Joyce Pearson spoke on ‘Our Love for God’, Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Row 2: Rev. Omigene Proctor, delivered the ‘World and Local Pray for Peace’, Suck Creek Baptist Church; Trudy Dawkins, officiate and program coordinator, Mt. Zion Baptist Church; Jessie Manning, Second Vice President of the Woman’s Convention, prayed for ‘The World’, Mikes Creek Baptist Church; Lucendia Buchannan spoke on ‘Our Love for Others’, Philadelphia Baptist Church.

The Young Women’s Auxiliary (YWA) President Shanese Dawkins prepared the beautiful printed program and coordinated the offering appeal. Terri Williams of Bethel Baptist Church prayed the ‘Offertory Prayer of Thanksgiving and Commitment’.   The Funds raised will be sent to the South Carolina Baptist Foreign Missions Coordinator.  First Vice President Tecora Watts gave the closing remark along with Moderator Macomson.

Mrs. Trudy Dawkins coordinated the World Day of Prayer service.

Dr. Bertha Harris is president of the Thickety Mountain Woman’s Convention.


Seniors honored; Knuckles delivers sermon

Written by Administrator on October 3rd, 2013

The Shady Grove Baptist Senior Missionary Ministry, Young Woman’s Auxiliary (YWA), along with the church family honored the church’s Oldest Senior Citizens during a recent morning worship service. Rev. London C. Knuckles, the church’s oldest father, (93 years old on October 12th) delivered the morning message.

SENIOR CITIZENS   shady grove group newspaper SEPT 29  2013

Pictured left to right are:
Seated: Mary Elnora Littlejohn, Minnie Hush, John Pearson Burris
Row 2: Deacon Clarence Dover (standing in for John Johnson who was absent), and Deacon Arthur Dover, the church’s oldest deacon.
Row 3: Standing in pulpit: Pastor Lee Byers Jr., and Rev. London C. Knuckles who is the church’s oldest man (Father of the Church).

Not pictured: Josephine Wood (Mother of the Church), and Trustee John Johnson.

KNUCKLES shady grove senior citizens  sept 29  2013 Program highlights included several deacons leading the singing of rote hymns of long ago that were called out (“or lined out”) by a song leader. During slavery when most Negroes could not read nor write, a song leader would call out the lyrics to the field songs as well as the song’s meter such as long meter (LM); short meter (SM); common meter (CM), and others. The meter of the song indicated the song’s rhythm and its melody. Rev. Freddie Smith, associate minister from White Plains Baptist Church delivered the morning invocation and Pastor Lee Byers read the scripture. Senior Citizen Edna Dover welcomed visitors and Sister Dianne Norris read the announcements. Rev. Warren Manning, also an associate minister from White Plains Baptist Church, sang several beautiful songs of yesteryear.

Each of the Oldest Seniors received a huge bag of practical gifts including candies, lotion, neck ties, handkerchiefs, juices, tissues, a crystal angel, and much more. Adorning the bag was a large balloon shaped like a star. Other senior citizens received smaller bags of useful items.

Sister Dorothy Manning is the Senior Missionary president

Sister LaDonna Tate is YWA president.

Rev. Lee Byers Jr. is Pastor


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